Su pasión por diseñar piezas únicas y exclusivas queda plasmada en su mundo MUSULA. Son creaciones atemporales de alta costura elaboradas con la delicada técnica de Soutache; minuciosa tradición de costura del siglo XVIII, que se aplicó en bordados de trajes de época y que hoy se utiliza para elaborar trajes de torero, galones militares e importantes tejidos de alta costura.

Musuła's obsession is to restore the tradition of handwork. Each piece is made by skilled seamstresses, the process is 100% artisan made in Spain. This chain of craft production is completely environmentally responsible, not only in the production and use of materials, but in its packaging made of recycled wood and organic cotton.

In its creation only natural stones, silk threads and silver hypo allergic used. Very striking is its XL size contrasts with a weight "pen".

Keys Musuła identity are certainly craftsmanship, elegance and taste for things well done. Jewelry made with soul and extreme exquisiteness where his creative imprint a world of feelings and thus turn them into little treasures. Delicate stitches art and fashion.

MUSULA was brought to life by Mus (its alma mater) and Ana (the designer). Mother and daughter teamed up spontaneously in 2009. Paloma came on board as CEO later on.

Their passion for unique and exclusively designed pieces is materialized in their MUSULA world. They are timeless haute-couture creations based on the delicate Soutache technique. This is a meticulous weaving tradition, which dates back to the Eighteenth Century and was used to embroider clothing. Today it is used on traditional bullfighter outfits, military uniforms and haute-couture textiles.

Musula is determined to bring back this handcrafted tradition. Each piece is woven by expert seamstresses in Spain. It is 100% handmade and environmentally friendly not just in terms of production processes and working materials, but also with regards to the packaging, made with recycled wood and organic cotton.

Only natural precious stones, silk threads and hypo-allergenic silver are selected to craft these creations. Their XL size contrasts with their lightness.

The key features of the Musula identity are without a doubt: craftsmanship, elegance and a taste for excellence. They are exquisite and soulful jewels inspired in the feelings of their creators, which turn them into small treasures. They are delicate gems of art and fashion.